About Us


Quality, service, and innovation have been the cornerstones of our business since 1986. These values help ensure Officer Safety remains our number one priority.
As the world’s leading supplier of less lethal pepper round launchers for nearly 20 years, our products are widely used by thousands of Federal, State, Local, International police, military, and private security agencies.
Recognizing the need for less lethal althernatives to the use of deadly force, Mission TACTX™ is committed to offering less-lethal products and training services for the professional security marketplace.
Streamline your relationship and experience the benefits of direct pricing, advanced training, and our Mission™ Support Program.


Our cornerstone has been and will continue to be the development and engineering of the most robust and reliable less lethal products for all that are mandated to serve and protect. We at Mission Tactx™ will never waver and are fully committed to be the world’s leading supplier of Less Lethal options for valued agencies worldwide. Mission Tactx™ is strongly dedicated in maintaining close relationships with both police and military institutions to consistently find and develop new innovative solutions and technologies. Listening and adapting to our industry needs is what makes us successful in delivering high-level products to our customers, we are here to serve and service the industry not just to sell products.

We Support Military and Law Enforcement World-Wide.