The new Mission-4 Launcher is based on the AR-15/M4 Carbine platform and system used by agencies worldwide. The Mission-4 features a Dual Feed System; Hopper or Magazine mode, allowing the user increased capacity and versatility in any situation. The included 13 cu in HPA tank allows 100+ round capacity in Hopper Mode or 5 full magazine capacity in Magazine Mode.

With an integrated air-through stock, proven in-line bolt system, ergonomic grip, M-LOK shroud, flip up sights and a durable aluminum construction, the Mission-4 is the perfect option for all Less Lethal training and operations.

Features include two 19 round coupled magazines and a patented Cyclone air-driven feed system that indexes the projectile into the chamber with each shot, nearly eliminating the risk of projectile jams caused by double feeding.



  • Target Accurate up to 66ft./20meters
  • Area Saturation to 0-175ft./0-53meters.


  • Mechanical Semi-Auto with Selector lever
  • Fully Pneumatic with no batteries required


  • The Through-Stock 13ci HPA tank allows for greater maneuverability and mobility in tactical situations.


  • Dual feed option: hopper or magazine-fed
  • Patented feeder rotates with each shot to eliminate jams or dry fires.
  • 200 round capacity Ammo Box
  • Comes with 2×19 round Magazines
  • 13 cu in HPA Tank included


  • Bottom Mount ASA Kit with Collapsible Stock
  • Riot Kit
  • Transport Case
  • Low-profile 25-50 round capacity Ammo Box